Meredith College Committed to Remaining Women’s College

At Meredith, we were saddened to hear that fellow Raleigh women’s college Peace College has announced plans to go co-ed in the fall of 2012. Meredith College is committed to remaining a strong, vibrant women’s college.  Below you’ll find a response from President Allen, ’80 as well as Nancy Cheek, ’63 Meredith College Board of Trustees Chair.

Dear Meredith Alumna,

As you may already know, Peace College has made the decision to become a coeducational institution. Because of Meredith’s shared history as a college for women, we are writing both to let you know of this change, and to reassure you that Meredith College is committed to remaining a women’s college. As graduates of Meredith College, we know firsthand the value of a women’s college education.

Meredith’s enrollment for the fall of 2012 is robust, with a projected freshman class of 410 students. Our resources overall are also strong—this past year, Meredith received more than $1 million in annual gifts, with a substantial increase in alumnae participation. You, too, know the value of a women’s education, and your financial support demonstrates your commitment to ensuring that Meredith remains a vibrant institution.

Women’s colleges are unique, and Meredith College will continue to recruit strong women who want a women’s college experience. As we develop our next strategic plan, our commitment is to become even stronger as we continue to provide the excellent education that is the hallmark of Meredith.

Thank you for your ongoing support of your alma mater.

Jo Allen, ’80
President, Meredith College

Nancy Cheek, ’63
Chair, Board of Trustees

For more informatoin and an additional response from Meredith College, please visit the Meredith College e-news site by clicking here.

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  1. As both a Peace and Meredith graduate, I am very upset at the news that Peace is going coed. In addition, it is adding insult to injury that they are changing the name of the school. The president and trustees are throwing away the Peace tradition and legacy, and turning a very unique, special school into a very ordinary small college. This is a very, very sad day for me.

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