Raleigh Blog Writes About Meredith’s Old Campus

A local Raleigh blog, Goodnight Raleigh, wrote a blog post titled “Raleigh’s Own Castle” about Meredith’s old campus in January 2009.  The blog post was recently discovered by a Meredith alumna.  She then posted the link to the website on the Meredith College Alumnae facebook page.  The Goodnight Raleigh blog has some wonderful images of the old campus buildings.  The post also has a great current-day shot of where the charming old buildings once sat. We hope that you all will enjoy reading the post!  Click here to read the post courtesy of Goodnight Raleigh.

Below you’ll find a couple of our own images of old campus courtesy of the Meredith College archives.  To read more about Meredith’s land history, please visit the Meredith College archives website by clicking here.

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  1. At some point during my senior year at Meredith, my sister and I drove by the site of the old campus. The building had been partially razed, but we managed to find a piece or two of the Queen Ann lacework in the trash heap. I am so sorry that piece of Old Meredith was lost during a move years ago.

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