Greetings from Anne Simms Haskins, ’31

The following note was submitted to the Office of Alumnae Relations by the daughter of Anne Egerton Simms Haskins, Class of 1931.  She would have celebrated her 80th Class Reunion this past weekend at Alumnae Reunion Weekend.  Because she was unable to make the trip back to campus she sent this note in her place.  Enjoy!

To My Younger Meredith Sisters on Our Reunion Day,

 I am Anne Egerton Simms Haskins, Class of 1931.  I regret that I cannot be with you today as you celebrate your graduation from Meredith College.  I was a history major during my college days, a Phi member, active in many college activities.  Our class doll was originally dressed in material from my white Class Day dress.

 Meredith was more than my education source, it truly was woven into my life’s fabric.  My mother was a 1904 graduate; my father was on the Board of Trustees; two of my daughters were Meredith graduates; two sisters-in-law along with several nieces graduated from Meredith; and my husband’s architectural firm designed and renovated many of the college buildings. And then of course there are the many wonderful lifetime friendships that all stemmed from my college days.

 For many years, I was my class agent and enjoyed alumnae meetings, but after 80 years now, there is not much news to share.  I may be the only living member of my class.  Fortunately, I am living comfortably at Springmoor in the health center and will celebrate my 100th birthday November 1, if the Lord wills.  I could write my own history textbook.

Enjoy your day today with all of your dear friends. Take good care of your families and remember to seek the Lord’s will at the beginning of every day.

With love,

Anne Haskins, Class of 1931

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  1. Anne,
    It was a treat to read your wonderful letter. My husband Bill and I have such fond memories of you and Albert through our getting to know your daughter B.A. the summer in the early 1970’s that she worked in our church Kiokee Baptist near Augusta, Ga. Please give her our love when you next talk to her.
    Springmoor is a super place. Happy early Birthday to you as you get ready to celebrate your 100th!! With love, Crystal Leathers

  2. Thank you for sharing Anne’s note. I would love to talk with her about her Meredith days! I am sure she has some interesting tales! “Meredith was more than my education source. It truly was woven into my life’s fabric.” She captures the spirit of Meredith so well with these words. It is great to know that age doesn’t matter. Changes in campus rules do not matter. Changes in campus appearance does not matter. Faculty and staff come and go. Yet we all remain Meredith sisters!

  3. Thank you for your letter to Meredith grads! You are amazing! The day my husband turns 63, you’ll be 100! Meredith has had a lifelong effect on so many of us. I celebrate your life and Meredith, too!

  4. Wow! This is truly amazing; I would love to meet this woman. It’s so wonderful to hear that she still thinks about her time at MC after all these years!

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