Summer Break Memories

As irises bloom up all over campus, the class of 2011 is anxiously awaiting the events of their Commencement Weekend –  Baccalaureate, Class Day, and Commencement are literally just around the corner.  The underclassmen are packing up dorm rooms, signing up for summer school sessions and getting ready for study abroad experiences which will take them all over the world.  The Office of Alumnae Relations is preparing to welcome our alumnae back to campus for Alumnae Reunion Weekend in one short week!  Spring is always one of the most exciting times to be at Meredith College.

Now that final exams are over and summer break is upon us, we would love for you all to tell us about your best summer break experience!  Did you spend six weeks retaking an English 101 class? Have an adventure that shaped who you are today? Travel abroad with Meredith College? Find a new career path through an internship? Share your memories with us here by leaving a comment; we would love to hear all about them!  We will then randomly pick two winners to receive one of our new items from the Alumnae Collection.  Good luck!

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  1. The summer between my jr and sr year, I took a couple classes at UNCG. I remember the first day whipping around in my chair trying to figure out who the guy was in my class. I quickly remembered where I was and that yes, the guys were supposed to be there 😉
    Class of 2003

  2. I spent one summer taking Mircobiology and doing undergraduate research. There were a bunch of cool people in Mirco class that I wouldn’t have met if I’d taken it during the regular semester. Then, I got to go outside to dig for clams and take water samples in streams, enjoying every minute of field research. Having my own lab space and doing independent research really helped me to enjoy lab time more, and the whole project reaffirmed my love of aquatic ecology. Also, I lived off campus with a great couple of people who became good friends and later even gave me their dog when they had to move!

  3. I have had “all of the above” of the examples you listed. I did save my hard classes for summers as I went to summer school every year. I took the horrible Chaucer class & Western Civ in the summer. I also had a social work summer internship which was great for my resume. The best thing about being at MC every summer was being in the dorm with my roommate. We were so broke! We went strawberry picking for $5 to make smoothies. We split the cost of a Sam’s Club membership just to walk around the store and eat the free samples for lunch. It was a great time every year 🙂

  4. I remember the summer after my freshmen year I took the British authors class over 6 weeks at summer school. I thought I was going to die when they said we had to recite the Canterbury Tales by the end of the first week!

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