Photo of the Week!

This week’s photos were taken from the 2005 edition of the Oak Leaves.  The unnamed students celebrate their class’ 105th night, a special event marking 105 days until graduation.  The tradition changed slightly last year when the class of 2010 decided to push the event to the spring semester.  They celebrated 10th night rather than 110th night.  The tradition continues as this year’s senior class celebrates 11th night on April 27th in the McIver Amphitheater.

The caption from the Oak Leaves reads: “This year the magic number was 105! Seniors gathered at Exploris in downtown Raleigh to celebrate 105 days until graduation.  A slide show of events was shown recapping the events and traditions that the seniors had participated in at Meredith.  Both their big/sis and lil/sis’s joined in on the celebration of their upcoming graduation.”

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week!

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  1. I recognize these girls! Some of them were my hall mates from our freshman year. Such a fun memory! 🙂

  2. This was my graduating year… Thanks for the reminder of how great my senior year of college was! I miss those days so much.

    To our upcoming 2011 alumnae: Enjoy these last few weeks before graduation. It’s honestly the funniest time!

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