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From the Baptist Female University Catalogue, 1899-1900:  “The Art Department is accommodated in a large and beautifully adapted Studio on the fourth floor of the Main Building. It is furnished with models and such artistic material as is necessary for art work, and is well lighted with large windows and sky-lights sloping to the north.”

One hundred years later, Professor of Art Jane Terry photographed contemporary art students in Gaddy-Hamrick, evoking the spirit of the first studio.

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  1. Below these fabulous pictures, you’ve probably noticed a hyperlink to the first College catalogue (1899-1900). That’s just the beginning, in more ways than one! Thanks to several recent digitization projects, the following Meredith publications are available online:

    • Oak Leaves 1904-2009
    • Twig and Herald 1921-2007
    • College Catalogue 1899-2011
    • Student Handbook 1906-2010

    For access, go to

    Other important books available from the publications page above include:

    A HISTORY OF MEREDITH COLLEGE The definitive history of Meredith by Dr. Mary Lynch Johnson, 2nd edition, through 1970.

    THE VISION REVISITED: A HISTORY OF MEREDITH COLLEGE 1971-1998 The second volume of Meredith history, by Carolyn C. Robinson, class of 1950.

    IMAGES: A CENTENNIAL JOURNEY A beautifully illustrated volume of Meredith history published in 1991, celebrating the centennial of Meredith’s charter. By Suzanne Britt, noted author and Professor in the Department of English, with photographs by Chip Henderson.

    THIS ESSENTIAL PART: THE FIRST 1,000 BOOKS OF THE LIBRARY OF BAPTIST FEMALE UNIVERSITY A fascinating monograph by Dr. Rebecca Murray, class of 1958, and Meredith Professor of Education.

    AN ORAL HISTORY OF MEREDITH COLLEGE ALUMNAE In-depth interviews of 23 alumnae from classes 1912 to 1985, by Jean Batten Cooper, class of 1954.

    PARK CENTER MURAL PROJECT: A CELEBRATION OF MEREDITH COLLEGE ALUMNAE The companion book to the mural created by Linda Poole FitzSimons, class of 1973, and Professor of Art.

  2. Wow! I love this! I’m pretty sure some of those same plants were still being used when I was a student in the Art Department! Oh, and let me just add that Jane Terry is BEST! What an amazing professor!

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