What to do with all of those Meredith College t-shirts!?

Courtney Cooke, a 2009 Meredith graduate, recently sent our office an email about a very special Christmas gift that she received from her mother.  We loved the idea so much that we just had to share it with you all!  Enjoy!



“As you know, I accumulated quite a few t-shirts in my time at Meredith (over 30 to be exact), all of which I treasure.  Most of my extensive collection sat carefully folded in boxes because at this point in time I mostly wear my ‘Meredith College Alumna’ shirts.  One afternoon, my mother casually mentioned that she had been dreaming up an idea which would allow me to keep and display my collection of college t-shirts.  So, I grabbed my box of t-shirts and told her to ‘go for it’.

On Christmas morning, after all of the other gifts had been opened, I saw one remaining package with my name on it.  As I began to open the very large and heavy box, I saw one of the most beautiful things I have ever laid eyes on.  My mother had taken the designs from each of my t-shirts and created a quilt. Of course, I cried and squealed as I looked at each block; the memories of my four years at Meredith came flooding back into my mind!  Each of my favorite Meredith traditions was represented in this one item.  The quilt was most definitely one of the best gifts I have ever received!”

– Courtney Cooke, ’09


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  1. I am an experienced quilter with 9 years and probably 50 quilts under my belt. I made a t-shirt quilt for Marie LaHaye and I think she loved it! And one for a Meredith employee in the counseling center. She graduated from Sweet Briar and it was really cute in all that pink and green. I am available for hire and have no projects in front of yours at the time! I lost my position at Meredith in June 2010 and have plenty of free time to make your t-shirts into a keepsake. I can be reached through my business website listed! Prices range from $250 for a lap to $500 plus the cost of having them professionally quilted! They will last a lifetime!

  2. Great idea and lovely quilt!! Last year, with the great assistance of a quilter, the T-shirts of my daughter Laura Ann May (class of 2000)were made into a quilt and 3 sweatshirts were made into complimentary throw pillows.
    What a keepsake and treasure!

  3. I hope to do this for my girls one day, only I need to find someone who quilts. If anyone knows someone who could do this for me, please send me a name. Thanks.

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