Happy Ring Week!

It sure is a busy week on Meredith’s campus!  Not only is Cornhuskin’ practice in full swing, but the class of 2012 is celebrating Ring Week!  On Friday, members of the junior class will attend Ring Dinner and they will become official members of the Meredith sisterhood.  In the spirit of Ring Week, we wanted to share the following story.  A recent alumna, Renata Heineman, sent her story our way and we’d love to share with you all.

Renata Heineman graduated on May 12, 2010, and along with her flipped onyx, headed to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in late May for her internship training.  The first day of training went well, and she and her fellow interns were off to the beach after work.  A perfect afternoon turned tragic when a huge wave swept Renata’s Meredith ring off her finger.  She frantically tried to explain to the group what happened, and everyone quickly began searching through the sand.

Several weeks later, a woman named Denise was walking along the same beach searching for beach glass when she stumbled across a black onyx ring.  Denise realized that it was a lost class ring; she then had her children read the engraving on the inside.  Shortly thereafter, Denise got on Facebook and was able to track down another Meredith alumnae from the class of 2010, Aleah Ham.   Aleah then got in touch with Renata and filled her in on the story.  Through Facebook, Renata and Denise became friends, and Renata’s ring arrived in the mail shortly thereafter.

Believe it or not, many years before, Denise was at the beach with her family and lost her father’s Texas A& M ring.   Similar to Meredith, Texas A&M has a long standing class ring tradition.  Unfortunately, for Denise his ring was never found.  However, Denise shared that by finding and returning Renata’s beloved Meredith onyx, she was finally able to get over having lost her father’s ring in the ocean so many years before.

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