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A group of unidentified students from the late 1980s or early 1990s at the fall Semi-formal dance.

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  1. This picture was taken at either the fall or spring semi-formal my sophomore year (’86-’87). I am sitting in the front row with Paul Stanfield and Gina Bailey is standing on the far end wearing the light blue dress. Beside her is Darren Statton (?spelling). He was a cheerleader at NCSU when Gina and I were freshmen and sophomores.

  2. Those were some awesome times. Wouldn’t trade my Meredith experience for anything. Does anyone know where Burke Evans is?

  3. Beside Jeff Tanner–in the back row–is Shandra Lanier Stocks…she is married to Mike Stocks (also a redhead, Jenny!)…It does not appear he is in the picture.

  4. Girls, front row: Brenda, Mary Claudia Mason Huntley (behind her is her husband, Scott Huntley), behind Jenny is Jeff Tanner (he was a year older than me), beside Jenny is Kathy Knowles then Teresa Beard…it looks like David Whiteman is the next to the last guy on the end…couple in front was Charlotte Wilder and Paul Stanfield…I graduated from Meredith in 1988…I wonder if this was fall 87 or 88 Winter Semi-Formal or spring 86, 87, 88 Freshman/Sophomore Spring Dance…Jeff and Paul were a year older than me, so I’m thinking Jenny and most of the girls would have to be Freshmen or Sophomores. Just a guess though…

  5. The red-head is definitely me, Jenny Snow (Class of 1990). Unfortunately, I can’t remember the year but my guess would be Spring of 1987 based on the dress. Brenda Faye Anderson (90) is in the turqouise dress. I think the next girl is Mary Claudia Mason (89). On the other side of me, I believe it is Shandra Lanier (89) in pink, Kathy Knowles (89) in the darker blue, and Teresa Beard (89) in white. Hopefully some one else can confirm, correct, and fill in the missing information. Thanks for posting!

  6. Yes, this was a Forest Hills group going to the Meredith fall semi-formal. I unfortunately recognize my big hair (teal dress) and the sweet guy that took me to my right, Burke Evans. In fact, I recognize every face in that picture but not a single name except Jenny Snows comes to me. Yes, she is the red-head in the middle.

  7. On the left in the blue dress is Brenda Faye Anderson. And my classmate Christine is right, the redhead is Jenny Snow. I recognize some of the other girls, but names escape me. Gosh, we were so young! Oh, and I would guess this had to be taken in Fall ’86, Spring “87 or Fall ’87 We graduated in ’90.

  8. This photo was just a little before my time at Meredith, but I do recognize lots of faces…even some of those handsome dudes! Several of these students were members of the Forest Hills Baptist college group. Sadly, faces seem to be the only thing to stick with me!

  9. I think the cute red-head in the middle is Jenny Snow. I believe she was in my class – 1990. Without my yearbook/annual, I can’t remember precisely. Good luck!

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